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Small precision turned
since 1924
ISO 9001
ISO 13485


TORNOS-BECHLER Sliding head automatics and ESCOMATIC for machining coil materials. Machining range from Ř0,30 to 20 mm.
.TSUGAMI, TORNOS-BECHLER last generation CNC automatics, machining range from Ø1 to 20 mm.
.TORNOS-BECHLER 6-spindle automatics, machining capacity from Ř4 to 16 mm.
.WAHLI-MIKRON full automatic gear hobbing machines for pinions and gears until Mod. 1.

Over 100 machines with automatic bar loaders, electronic speed regulators, with the widest range of attachments and special devices for fast automatic manufacturing of the highest QUALITY.

We own all the necessary machinery and equipment to manufacture the most complex parts in one single mechanizing process. Our production fully conforms to our customer's specifications; our straight polished shafts with both perfectly finished ends are an example.

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